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Welcome to CCR 2016 in PhuketTreasure Island!


OAHOST and Collaborative Conferences:

OAHOST, a conference management platform by scientists and for scientists, has been well known R8$]ZBI{(]_Z[}8DH_S2AVHby its EMN conference series and CC meetings (collaborative conferences). This is its new effort to launch the Collaborative Conference on Robotics.

collaborative conferences (CC), a series of seminars held to gather scientists, intellectuals and researchers of a same study field from across the world to communicate, share and exchange their knowledge or new findings on a given topic. Certain additional successful workshops have been organized on various focus topics, including The Collaborative Conference on Crystal Growth (3CG series), The Collaborative Conference on Language, Literature and Linguistics (CCLLL 2015) as well as The Collaborative Conference on Earthquake Science and Engineering (CCESE 2015).

The CCR 2016 will take place in Phuket, Thailand from November 3-7, 2016.

As a special theme of the CC series, the edition of the collaborative conference on Robotics covers various fields of Robotics, Automation, Mechatronics, Biomimetics, Robotic Surgery and Engineering and etc. The CCR 2016 will join experts in the field of robotics for technical communications through presentations and discussions, which will create a remarkable environment to indulge all the delegates in the frontier of science and technology in robotics

The meeting will be a few days of intense collaboration with great social occasions. It will be not only be a time to enjoy the company of fellow researchers in the field, but also a time to have fun with friends and family! Phuket is located in Andaman Sea of southern Thailand. It is called “a pearl on the Andaman sea” (also called Treasure Island) because of its charming scenery and rich tourist resources. Wide and beautiful beaches, white sand and green water welcome every visitors coming here. Good tolerance makes Phuket become the most representative tourism resort in Southeast Asia. There are many visitors to come here to take a vacation every year, being world renowned as a tourist paradise.

We look forward to your contribution to this experiment in a new form of conference.