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Welcome to Collaborative Conference on Resource and Environmental Science 2016!

Resource and environment science cover a wide range of disciplines including geology, meteorology, agricultural sciences, ethics, politics and so on. In recent years, the economic and population growth have exerted a great impact on the environment and thus has attracted attention of scientists in all these fields. Newest technology and methods have been developed and adopted to save energy and prevent climate change.

Collaborative Conference on Resource and Environmental Science (2016) (CCRES 2016) aims to bring bring together leading engineers, educators, researchers together and provoke discussion on what’s happening in this field and what exact practical challenges encountered and what solutions adopted.
CCRES will take place from December 5-9, 2016 in Orlando, USA. Orlando is a relaxing city with many interesting cultural landscape and theme parks. You will have a free tour day which allows you to get closer to the city and enjoy everything there.

We really hope to meet you here!