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  • Sreekanth Rallapalli, Botho University, Africa
    Big Data Classification to Predict the Risk of Hospitalization by implementing the Statistical Prediction Models
  • Zhen Zhao, Comcast, USA
    Building a collaborative platform for big data users
  • Maryam Yammahi, The George Washington university, USA; UAE University, UAE
    An organization of computational intelligence for Big Data system
  • Guangyi Xiao, Hunan University, China
    Semantic Document Exchange for E-Business with User-Autonomous Document-Sense Making
  • Chien-Hua Wu, Chung-Yuan Christian University, ROC
    Statistical analysis for post randomization method
  • Shu-Mei Wan, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, ROC
    Statistical analysis for post randomization method
  • Yongli Zhao, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
     IT Infrastructure of Cloud Computing and Fog Computing
  • Chih-Chao Yang, National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL), Hsinchu, Taiwan.
    monolithic 3D+IC technology for big-data processing
  • Yuri Nakagawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    Framework for Handling Personal Data
  • Radek Holy, Czech Technical University, Prague
    Analysis of data domains with respect to data purity